Ruby Allison Limere – Alexander

Ruby Allison Limere – Alexander, a native of Trinidad & Tobago is the President/CEO and founder of Major Players Cultural Arts Educational Development Center Inc. and the Band Leader, founder and owner of Major Players Inc., a carnival masquerade band. She is well known in the South Florida Caribbean Community as “Auntie Ruby,” “The Mother of Carnival,” and “Carnival Ambassador.”

Major Players Inc.

Major Players Inc. is a non-profit cultural organization registered in the state of Tallahassee since 1999.  This organization has been participating in Miami/Broward Carnival for more than two and a half decades producing both a junior carnival and an adult carnival masquerade bands.  Major Players is known for their consistency and dedication throughout the years of performances.

What makes Major Players Inc. special:  Historically speaking, out of the twenty-one (21) registered bands with the Miami Carnival, Major Players is responsible for giving birth to 7 prestigious bands and we are one of the four bands that are grandfathered into the Miami/Broward carnival. Major Players was the first carnival band to introduce a stage presentation and first organization to introduce cultural exchanges with other cultural groups from other islands. We always share cultural information by preserving the culture and our heritage. This is achieved through education, marketing, advertising, performances, presentation, technical support, capacity building, audience development, training, artist development and advocacy.

Major Players Inc. is a bono fide member of the South Florida Band Leader Association., (SFCBLA), a member of the Diaspora of Arts Coalition Inc., (DAC), and a member of Transforming America Through Interaction Inc., (TATI). We recently formed a sister organization called Major Players Cultural Arts Educational Development Center Inc. whose mission is tied into our cultural diversity through our rich and traditional culture of Trinidad and Tobago and the rest of our sister Islands of the Caribbean.  Established in 1993 the organization serves as a voice for these entities.


For several years, Major Players has acquired the title of 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place in our adult and junior band of the year as well as the title of 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place in Jr. King, Queen and individual as well as in the adults’ category.  We are continuing to use different strategies in marketing the band to a higher level.

What We Are Doing For 2018

Our band will consist of a fusion of masqueraders throughout South Florida, the West Indies and other region of the United States as well as Canada.  This year (2018) Major Players will continue to embark on its journey with our junior and our adult’s band as well as our jouvert band.

Our Jouvert Band 2018

Major Players Inc. 2018 Jouvert Band theme is called Jouvert Xpress. Major Players has been a household name in the Miami Carnival Jouvert which takes place on Saturday, October 7th 2018. Because of the popularity and affection to this theme supporters are calling it the Jouvert Xpress Band. Our jouvert team is made up of a fusion of friends and family with expertise in events planning and management, marketing and promotions, mas-making, fashion designing and experiences in the carnival arena.


As a whole Major Player is focused on providing the Ultimate Carnival Experience for our masqueraders, our junior carnival band and our jouvert band.  We will provide excellent services with quality products.  You will get your monies worth.