Formerly “endless vibration” known for playing more rock and roll than soca.

the original members were Clarence “Oungku” Edwards,Laban “Mente” Edwards,Toriano “Onyan” Edwards and David “Bub I” Edwards.

It all started with there first hit “Stylie Tight” and from then,there was no stopping the world famous burning flames.

1985 STYLE E TIGHT (SINGLE) 1986 Burning flames rule
Go GoDo Anything Hokey PokeySelf dancingJump HigherWith Your Bad SelfAh Rudness Mek Me
1987 Session Pwyle
1986 Independence Time {Single) Jam Pond RamMe Want JamDon’t Jam SoCarnival TrainIron BandTout Moun Dance
1988 Rysh and dutty {wave and jump} 1988 LIGHT YEARS AHEAD
BicycleGet BusyWave and JumpPush Dem DownSugar ApplePulling Dance


You Lie

No Rock and RollCan’t Let GoLove is all I needNo,No,No,No,No
1989 Me Na Freard 1990 Me Na Freard
Workey WorkeyIsland GirlMe Na FreardDance NarsyNo Dam DrugsWhat You Feel What You Get


Voule Vous Vene Avec Moi

Workey WorkeyIsland GirlMe Na FreardDance NarsyNo Dam DrugsWhat You Feel What you Get


Voule Vous Vene Avec Moi

No Rock and Roll (revised version)

Can’t Let Go(revised version)

Love Is All I Need (revised version)

No,No,No,No,No(revised version)

Island Girl (do you love me version)

Workey (working version)

1990 Me E Bark 1990 WORK FOR ME (single)
Chook and DigIf You Get What You WantKarateCongo ManJam JamSqueeze Me

Nuff Problem


Work For MeArms Song
1991 DiG 1991 Say Its War
Workey (revised version)Island Girl (revised version,featured in “Weekend At Bernie’s 2″If You Get What You Want (revised version)Chook and Dig (revised version)Tout Moun Dance (revised version)Nice Time

I’m on Fire

Forbidden fruit

piece ah IronTie Your HenOh Ya YaiWhat Ah BeefGround WarOld time Calypso
1992 Hard Fu Dead 1993 Brigiding Biff
One bad appleHoppinGo AheadThe OutlawDo AnythingBanana Whap

Allez Saute

De Donkey

Sam Um

KnucleLove TrainSpring ChickenMove Ah You MassSpring Chicken (dancehall version)Jungle Warrior

Ge Me Mo

Who Get Um Tek Um


Wet Dung De Place

1994 KLATYE 1995 As You Were
Rubbish ManAh Got ItchingJam It In De CornerTodus BilaCarnival MotorcadeBush Dancer

Swinging Engine

Pong And Chant

Calypso Dance Hall Party

Juantana Mera

No WayBrowse UpWha De Hell De Police Can DoJunglelypsoMusicI’m on Fire (remix)


Gym Jam

Young Gyal

Reckless Party

Jumbee Jambore

1996 BATTEN DUNG 1997 FAN DE FLAMES (2 hot 2 handle)
Boxer shortsHurricane Ah ComeBat YouBack to BackCan’t Let Go(remix)Bulldozer

Burning club

Fire Under Me Foot

Almanac (calender)

Kings and Vagabonds

Get Tough On Crime

jumping bootssnake manOverdooOne GrooveHungry 4 Your LoveKeep Dancing


Fan The Flame

Spank It

Morning Noon & Night

Zig Zag

1998 OH BEHAVE (nothing personal,Just business) 1999        Hokuspokus (Magical Music)
Twone DrunkSweet SongJail beyateEclips JamSpunksWhite Man Can Jump Steel Band PowerMagicianOrganPappy ShowAchingCombination Lock

Bus Ride


Rub A Dub

Chook Chook


Wave For Peace

Show Down

2000        Jam-Eulus 2001        Burning Flames are Unstoppable
De RomansSuper FestivalDe Wetta De BettaAlmost NakedGoose BumpsTrampin

Mud Dung


House On Fire

Be Bad


Free up vocalsRiotMash it upScrewStick itRudeness

Keep it so

Live Cd



Drunk like a skunk



Pimps, Hustlers

“ Clarence house”

2002     Phenomenal Supa Soca 2003     Venom
Supa SocaConductSchool Call eenBang BadangFlyWe Come To Fete

How Late

Caribbean Way

Power Drill

Leave Me Alone

Come Down (Rub um dung)

Nut Power

Le Caramba

Man Better Man

RushPut them upJahbalessStringsDon’t stop itFamily


Soca Rock’N Roll




Buss a nut


Clubbin (Censored)

2004    Debblish Rage 2005     ONIKA- Always and Forever
Debble MusicShow off]Jam SessionKindergartenAll yoursTattoo

Work It


Road Rage

Octane Boost

Vulgar Woman

Whea De water


Juke box

Get on bad

The ryfle “Bonus Track”

A compilation of all; onika’s hits from the previous albumsIn remembrance of her –Forever Flames
2005     Frolic “dedicated to Onika Bostic”  2006     De Real Deal
Frolic – Vocals OungkuDe Harder Deah Come – Vocals OungkuBad minded Oungku – Vocals OungkuFete To The Road – Vocals Esther DyerI Want U – Vocals Esther Dyer/OungkuWoyfe Song – Vocals Oungku

Sweet Spot – Vocals Kyia Stoutt

Zest – Vocals Esther Dyer

De Formula – Vocals Oungku

Radio – Vocals Oungku

Dung Tung – Vocals Oungku

1.De Real Deal2.Trouble3.Out Ah Control4.Quad Ride5.Lively Up6.Freak Show

7.Rip It!

8.Jumpy Jumpy

9.Feeling Good


11.Encendiendo Engine

12.Come Get It

13.Buss De Work

14.Sweet Love

15.Until We Meet Again