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Know Your Role: The Challenges & Perks of Being the Opening DJ


While every aspiring DJ dreams of being that headlining guy (or girl) in the big room, no one really thinks about, or realizes, how cool it is to play the opening slot. Don’t get me wrong, it is great to play to a packed room full of people ready to party at peak hour. But […]

Caribbean RoadMarch’s for 2014


Caribbean RoadMarch’s for 2014 St.Kitts: Small Axe Band – Hardware 1st. Grand Masters – Who Send Dem 2nd. Nu Vybes – Hook 3rd. Kollision – Wuk Up Session Soca Monarch Groovy Delly Ranks – Love We Festival 1st. Ali Dee 2nd. Fantastic Thunder Power Mr. Hype – Wuk it 1st. Yanus Bagnall 2nd. Kibby ******************************** […]

VIO Biography


VIO Biography The Band In 1988, Wendell Parris formed The Violators, a band with his son and other young relatives, along with other young people from Frederiksted. The members of the band changed in the years that followed, and by 1997, The Violators consisted of five members: Al Baptiste, Jr. on keyboards, Sean Stevens on […]

What Is A Radio Presenter


The job of a radio presenter is to host shows on radio or the internet which revolve mainly around music, conversation, interviews and stories. A radio presenter is the introductory voice of the broadcast and also keeps the show flowing in order to entertain an audience. The job activities can range from interviewing, introducing, reading […]

Lino Hughes: 50 years on the music scene


Lino Hughes: 50 years on the music scene Founder of the Creole Stars and presently of Lino and the Hardways (In his own words) I was born on Sept 23rd 1948. Being born on St. Martin in 1948, I was musically able to understand that to be a mature musician, I had to learn the […]