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VIO Biography


VIO Biography The Band In 1988, Wendell Parris formed The Violators, a band with his son and other young relatives, along with other young people from Frederiksted. The members of the band changed in the years that followed, and by 1997, The Violators consisted of five members: Al Baptiste, Jr. on keyboards, Sean Stevens on […]

The Better Band


Bands and Artists…………… Click to buy cd The Better Band The Better Band’s soca rhythms have dominated the airwaves, and night clubs in the Eastern Caribbean and beyond, for the past six years, thus earning them the title of Anguilla’s Road March Champions in 1998,1999 and 2000. The Better Band consists of eight dedicated and […]

The Mussington Brothers


Bands and Artists…………… Click to buy cd BECAUSE OF THE MUSSINGTON BROTHERS……. The Mussington Brothers is one of the Caribbean’s finest and undoubtedly Anguilla’s most prominent international band. Raised in a Christian family, they performed in the church where the brothers worshipped as young boys. In 1989 when Dianne Norris discovered them and charted their […]

Small Axe Band


Bands and Artists…………… Small Axe Band Always in demand, Small Axe, who quickly dropped the “Vibrational Roots” title five years after their existence, for reasons such as (been the sweetest band to performed live, the band that played the longest hours, the band that defeated big brass bands and win the confidence of their fans) […]



Bands and Artists…………… Click to buy cd Some Sample Tracks   Krazy – X2 X2 People often ask. Why the name “Times Two”? Simply put, “Times Two” is twice everything. Adrian Dutchin and Jumo Primo bring new meaning to the phrase `what you see is what you get`. Both performers come from a school that says the […]