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The “MORE THAN 4” Shirt Series


  [recent_products per_page=”12″ columns=”4″ product_categories number=”” orderby=”title” order=”asc” target=”true”]Description: A plain white tee with the phrase “I ♥ Soca” written in the center. Inside of the heart, there are six flags (each representing a different island in the Caribbean). Below that is a the hash tag “MoreThan4” along with our website, www.largeradio.com. Each series features a different set […]

Island Facts


Island Facts…………… Caribbean Island Size and Population… Here you will find all the island of the caribbean, listed by size, from smallest to biggest. Also find their total poulation and links to find more info on each island. Sorted by size… Square Miles Population info Young Island (Grenadines) 35 acre private youngisland.com Petit St. Vincent […]