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St.Thomas Island Info


Island Info…………… St.Thomas St.Thomas St. Thomas Virgin Islands’ distinction of having remained under British rule from its first settlement in 1627 to its Independence on November 30, 1966, profoundly affected the culture. Because of this unbroken dominion, the stoic British influence courses through every day life and the infrastructure of St. Thomas VI. Yet the […]

St.Maarten / St.Martin island info


Island Info…………… St.Maarten / St.Martin……………………… St.Maarten/St.Martin  This 37 square mile island contains two countries, French St Martin and Dutch St Maarten and although both sides speak English and accept US dollars, they still retain a lot of their European origins with great Dutch and French cheeses, fine French restaurants, Indonesian rijstafels brought by the Dutch, […]

St.Vincent Island Info


Island Info…………… St.Vincent St.Vincent History Known by the Caribs as Hairoun (“Land of the Blessed”), St. Vincent was first inhabited by the Ciboney, a grouping of Meso-Indians. The economy of these hunter-gatherers depended heavily on marine resources as well as the land. They used basic tools and weapons and built rock shelters and semi permanent […]

Friends With Benefits

Young couple lying in bed, embracing

FEMALE CORNER January 1st 2009 Friends With Benefits To Him There are always two sides to a story. “To Him” offers a female’s point of view. How much benefit is involved in Friends with Benefits? by BRUK DOTTY With a decrease in long lasting relationships and an increase in divorce, more and more people are playing the […]

Grand Masters Band

grand masters

GRAND MASTERS DID SOMEONE SAY WHALING SEASON? BY BRUK DIAMOND January 1st 2009 Grandmasters was founded in 1986 by Wingrove Hicks and Kelvin Lennon. Since then Grandmasters, has been the driving force behind the music of St. Kitts earning them many praises at home and abroad. Grandmasters  hold the 1998 & 1999 back to back road march […]